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gunner girl by Bielegraphics gunner girl :iconbielegraphics:Bielegraphics 483 56
Death Becomes You
death is so…unbecoming
if it isn’t planned right.
it takes you by surprise.
you can’t choose
     - how you look
     - where you are
     - who you’re with
ah, but if you could –
do your hair and your makeup perfectly
arrange yourself in an attractive manner
close your eyes softly
make your face serene…
all that’s left are the goodbyes.
take a deep breath,
let it all out,
let the plan take action.
goodbye all my loves…
guess that would be called suicide then, huh…
:iconcaroncecilia:CaronCecilia 10 13
Timorous by TbORK Timorous :icontbork:TbORK 5 10 just like innocence by bailey--elizabeth just like innocence :iconbailey--elizabeth:bailey--elizabeth 758 97
Dearest Lunchable
Crunching on the bits of you
So salty to my taste buds
So different I thought
  But you turned out to be just the same as all the others
Chewing on the ideas you stuff me with
Reminiscing on the ham, cheese and cracker combination
Never really filling
    But somehow...     just enough
Maintaining my depleting energy
Convincing my insides I've been packed with perfection
When in reality all of my being needs more  ...filled with your emptiness
    Lunching on air
Devouring the necessities of you
Thinking you to be an excellent source of nourishment...
You agree with my body but not my mind
    Finding you to be so opposite of everything I'll ever need
Trying to discern the reason I keep running back
Maybe it's because you taste so good... but in all truth I know....
     you are only here for my momentary satiation...
:iconeternalsolaceessence:EternalSolaceEssence 4 3
Sonnet XIV
Cut these frayed strings loose! I will not be bound
To you any longer. You are not worth
This pain. I can't linger with love not found
In your heart- Your mother should rue your birth
As I hate the discovery of you.
Oh, what a fool I have made of myself
For believing that your kisses were true
Now I would not have you for the world's wealth.
You are acerbic, acrimonious
In each biting glance-You made my soul bleed
But now I am finished-Enough of this!
I am a garden and you are a weed.
One day you will miss me and I will scorn
You and every single tear as you mourn.
:icontina-go-lightly:tina-go-lightly 6 14
Much discussion went among the ladies up above
Who can be the fairest one? They cried of their chosen one
A little while till they choose to bicker each among them
"I"said Famine proudly displaying her figure tight and slim
ignoring those troublesome bones that poked out from within
"No tis I" said War, her fiery hair gleamed and shone the purest gold
But beware the blood that pools in folds on such delicate clothes
"Can't you see the winner is me" said Poison with great pride her venomous
stare that filled the air displaced her pretty smiles
"You are all insane" cried Love in vain, for those who knew her best said hatred ran
deep within her breast and ruined all before her
Though all should claim the fairest name each could not
claim their prize that withered and died among them
:iconkittythievery:KittyThievery 2 6
Painted Teapots
A smile pervades on your face every time ‘I love you’ is said
Illogical turbulence clouds her mind
All of the conversations are concise
Abrasive words bend our patience
They make cursory remarks in our mind
And deprive us of our time
We can’t succumb to our emotions
Even if her conjecture isn’t true
People hate me for the cloudy disposition I provide
I won’t encompass myself in tears
Extricate me from her despise, dry her eyes, not mine
She can’t explain my guile, because it isn’t there
Over time she instilled in your mind she would leave, don’t plead
‘I love you’ is prevalent in our world, not always meant when said
Like hell she doesn’t trust me, her explanation recurs
To her I’m abhorrent, a complication
To me she’s just despondent, deprived
Our manner is not affable, a common thing between her and I
This war is interminable, and the prize . . .?
My feelings are profound, reverberate through my smile
She’s now
:icondramurraylene:DramurRaylene 2 3
Clawing the air while she sleeps
Pulling at her hair in bundled heaps
Crying out while her dreams swallow her whole
Tearing with eyes closed while the dreams eat her soul
Crying when she wakes up
Real life just isn't enough
Begging her eyes not to close at night
Begging them to stay open and screaming with fright
When her eyes close she'll scratch at her skin
And when she awakes, the same sad songs she sings
Black tears crashing on the floor
Limbs and face just so sore
The face of her mother haunting the picture
Cry and lie and say that you don't miss her
Blood seeping from the surface of life
How could one ever get into so much strife?
Scratches lining her boned arms and legs
The face of her mother she'll never forget
Dreams are tearing at her well being
The regret is all that she's seeing...
:iconbats-and-vampires:bats-and-vampires 6 20
Why Run?
I have scattered my thoughts to the four winds, and painted myself in shades of red, grey, black, green and blue.
I have shattered in a million ways, a thousand times, from one hundred words and twenty people.
I have dug holes, planted trees and seeds, picked and cropped, and helped deliver life in many forms.
I have stood still as the heart of a cyclone, while inside my rage thundered and howled stronger then gale force winds.
I have stitched and worked with different materials and fabrics, and have produced many lies that fit so well.
I have been up and down mountains and rivers and have drowned myself in liquid dreams of being a lazy cloud in the sky.
I have been held in love and fear, and hugged, and hugged, and hugged to try and fill a black hole that gapes in my heart.
I have kissed with love, passion, lust and out of a sense of duty and all have left little marks under my skin.
I have lost myself in other's words, other's shoes, in other worlds, in other lives, to try and escape
:iconwombat-pentagram:Wombat-Pentagram 7 29
deviantID 2 by TbORK deviantID 2 :icontbork:TbORK 1 2
Unseen Dreams
Dreams do sparkle in those calm grey eyes,
Longing for wonders left unseen,
Look at yourself bleed out self deceptive lies,
Dreams do sparkle in those calm grey eyes,
Oblivious to your body as it slowly dies,
Lost in places you have never been,
Dreams do sparkle in those calm grey eyes,
Longing for wonders left unseen.
:iconwombat-pentagram:Wombat-Pentagram 3 9
Holding On To Baggage.
I just have this way of dragging you around, like baggage,
I get lost in the depths of your smile it seems,
Or maybe its the fact you have me wrapped around your finger,
You take what you want and never leave anything there for me.
I get lost in the depths of your smile, it seems
It just is all too easy for you to do,
You take what you want and never leave anything there for me,
Listening only to the voices that play around in your head.
It just is all too easy for you to do,
The way you pull at my heart with just a look is criminal,
Listening only to the voices that play around in your head,
I keep wondering when I will wake up and leave you.
The way you pull at my heart with just a look is criminal,
Your mouth just drips sweet honey and I am a drunken bee,
I keep wondering when I will wake up and leave you,
When will the drunken haze end and what will I replace you with?
Your mouth just drips sweet honey and I am a drunken bee,
Or maybe its the fact you have me wrapped around your fi
:iconwombat-pentagram:Wombat-Pentagram 3 13
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United States
Current Residence: Massachusetts
Print preference: Boot
Favourite genre of music: All
Favourite photographer: Robert Mapplethorpe before going insane
Favourite style of art: My Own .. hey at least I am honest
Operating System: Do we compare penis sizes next?
Shell of choice: Unfortunately the one I have now
Wallpaper of choice: One that stays on the wall successfully
Skin of choice: it depends on the wine
Favourite cartoon character: Marvin Martian
Personal Quote: "Whom the Gods destroy they first make mad."

It's almost over

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 19, 2011, 2:57 PM
I am dead but I am still waiting for the coroner to pronounce the time of death. Thus I shall wait just a little longer for that to happen.

I can no longer lay claim to being even a small part of society nor part of a family for that matter. A part of the human race I am not.

Loneliness has finally managed to embrace me within her cold arms forever. There is no longer any chance of escaping her.

Being alone was once a choice. Now all of the choices have been removed. Everyone has retreated from beyond my sight. I have been confined to solitary.

Seven days a week all I have contact with are memories. All that I hear are whispers and echoes of the past. No one cares that I am all alone.

Oh how I crave for another human voice. I yearn to hear the words "How are you" because I know that I shall never hear the words "I love you" ever again.

Warm embraces and genuine smiles have left my life on the other side of the abyss eternally. I can no longer be loved by another person.

There once were smiles and sunshine in my life. The sounds of a child's laughter as once evident to me. Now the darkness has enveloped them.

I no longer gaze towards the stars and wonder. The feel of sand and the sound of the surf are no longer within my mind.

I have heard so many false promises of false forever's. So many lies of eternities that would never happen have been uttered to me. The only true words ever spoken to me by others were the words "Good Bye".

The ever present darkness now controls my constant thoughts and my written words. I am but a shadow amongst bright lights and dancers.

I no longer keep past photographic memories. They are all false facades. I only keep those that I now create. All filled with darkness and despair, death and tears. They reflect the true me.

Once I thought I caught a glimpse of myself but it was just a shadow. It must surely have been me. Void of all light.

I am now a leper, scorned and abandoned by humanity. Alienated and isolated I am. Donne was wrong. A man can be an island unto himself.

Euripides said "Whom the Gods destroy they first make mad." I believe this to be true.

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